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What a bunch of idiots!

10 things about our team

10 things you really didn't know (or care) about the Neon Play team

Everyone likes lists (don't they?) and we are no different. And to celebrate our 10 millionth app download, we've asked all the team for a killer fact, whether it be interesting, amusing, amazing, funny or just true.

Neon Play team

So in no particular order whatsoever, here are our Top 10 facts...Enjoy. 

Read it and weep

Neal's dad is called Cliff Richards, not to be confused with Cliff Richard.

Glenn grew up on a beach in South Africa.

Paul once sold Noel Edmunds a convector heater.

Jon used to be in the Australian state emergency service.

Oli once played the piano for S-Club 7 at the Groucho Club.

Chris once cooked dinner for the exiled princess of the Maldives.

Mark worked on Crazy Taxi on PlayStation 2. They made it in just 7 weeks!

Charlie is a bee keeper in his spare time.

Nick used to have a pet chicken called Nickychicken.

Matt once nearly got eaten alive by a pack of hyenas.

Neon Play team


It's hard to disagree that we are clearly a staggeringly diverse bunch of freaks. It's no surprise we're Cirencester's number one mobile games studio...


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