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Ben 10

Ben 10

It's time for heroes!

The ultimate Ben 10 game has been unleashed (in association with Jick Jack) onto the App Store! Check out Ben 10 OmniGames!

Prepare for battle...

There are three explosive games to play! Help Ben must protect the Omnitrix from multiple enemy alien attacks. Join in and play as characters from the hit TV show!

Mission Select

CALL OF THE WILDMUTT - Charge up your Omnitrix and tear through the jungle as the all menacing Wildmutt. Use his incredible speed to double jump across platforms. Keep an eye on your Omnitirx power and watch out for mutant beasts blocking your way.

FOURARMS SMASH - Tap the screen to pulverize mutant bats and collect BIG power-ups using Fourarms’ gargantuan fists! Smash enough enemies and charge up your Omnitrix to unleash the all powerful Big Smack ability!

XLR8 TO THE RESCUE - When Ben needs speed, he needs XLR8! Dodge speeding traffic, smash battle drones and defeat Hoverboard, a mysterious alien bounty hunter, in this action-packed adventure! 

STINKFLY SPORE ATTACK - Shoot through the cave as your favourite flying hero! Dodge obstacles and pick up energy orbs to keep your Omnitrix charged and your Alien flying!

Ben 10 OmniGames features

- 3 of your favourite Ben 10 characters
- Explosive and action-packed gameplay
- 3 exciting games (with more coming soon!)
- Optimised retina display
- Live global leaderboards

It’s Hero Time!


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