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Bangkok Hilton

Christmas party

Party time...

For the second year running, we headed to Cheltenham for our Christmas party, and much like last year, it didn't disappoint. The theme this year was Bangkok Nights and there was a big Buddha who looked a bit Bangkok-y, but there was also a lot of amusing decoration that were definitely Chinese, but maybe the party planners thought that was close enough?

Neon Play Christmas party

Anyway, not wanting to be picky, the team arrived in good time and headed into the big party room and headed straight to the bar. Here's the impressive scene that greeted us...

We had brilliantly positioned tables right by the bar and the dancefloor and we were entertained by some stunning performers, especially Tao, who did a brilliant display of swishing a sword around that looked like it was made of aluminium foil. He also threw some large plant pots around and one of them landed on his head (on purpose), which provided great amusement. 

A flexible lady also did some fine rope, hoop and silk acrobatics, with the occasional help of Tao. Also we had a chap who played with fire. See below...

He also juggled three flaming sticks. Yes three! And then he finished his act with a long Darth Maul style firework sabre, which was quite fun. Watch the evidence.

A five-course gastro meal then followed, although we think they'd given up on the Bangkok theme by then, unless Chicken Breast, potato and vegetables is all the rage these days in the backstreets of Phuket? We did try to smuggle in three bottles of Sambuca, cunningly wrapped as a present, however that sadly got confiscated by the cunning security man - he said that some people "took the p**s" last year smuggling in booze (uh-hum).

Hit the dancefloor

Dancing followed with some of the lads doing some impressive Gangnam Style-action, plus many other pre-determined dares/challenges were carried out with supreme humour and a lack of regard for dignity or reputation (was there any?).

Bumper car action

We also had a lot of fun on the bumper cars as you can see here (sorry about the swearing).

All in all it was a great night enjoyed by all with some cracking stories and a lot of fun. A great end to a wonderful year at Neon Play and we're now ready for 2013 with a bang.

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