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It's Christmas!!!

Christmas party time

Mistletoe and wine

After six months in business, it was a proud moment when the Neon Players headed off to the party Mecca of Gloucestershire...Cheltenham. 

The assembled squad headed off in the chill December night to a mighty fine restaurant called D-Fly (not quite sure why it’s called that, but it’s got nothing to do with McFly). And we gargled down a few cocktails and Nick had to do a shot for calling his girlfriend (he hadn’t read the terms & conditions).

 Neon Play office party

After endless courses, Matt still wasn’t sated, so he did a food minesweep and cleared up all the plates like a hungry golden retriever licking plates in a dishwasher.

Talking about a Revolution

Following our feast, we headed off into town to try and find some more fun and games. And we ended up in a converted cathedral that was now a monster big bar called “Revolution”. And we sampled some of the wider extremities of the Absolut range and met some enchanting young locals.

Neon Play office party

And a happy New Year...

All in all, it was a top night out, the team bonded well and no one disgraced themselves too much. It sets us up nicely for 2011 which is looking highly exciting with some great projects and some hot new apps...


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