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Feeling hot, hot, hot

Develop Hot 100

It's official...we're hot!

It's always nice to get recognised by anyone quite frankly, but when Develop give you a stamp of approval, well it gives us all a nice warm glow. Even though it's already pretty warm at the moment.

So when we saw a tweet from @developonline saying they had just launched their list of the 100 hottest games studios in the UK, we furiously went onto the e-brochure and e-flicked our way through the alphabetical pages. 

Develop 100 badge for Neon Play


With the letter "N" to look for, we got there and saw NaturalMotion Games, then N-Dreams...and what was over the page...? Yay, Neon Play was there, nestled nicely next to New Star Games. What a result.

And what had the lovely people at Develop said about us? Well here it is in full technicolour...(on page 70).

Develop Hot 100 Studio List = Neon Play

Rent a quote:

Oli Christie, CEO of Neon Play commented, “We're hugely chuffed and flattered to be included on Develop's Hot 100 studio list. There are some incredible UK games studios on the list who have been around for a long time, so to be on the list after only three years is a great achievement for the whole team. Good work!"

Where we work

Also, just last month, we also featured in the Develop Magazine in the "Where we work" section. Here's the piece for posterity...

Develop magazine - Where we work - Neon Play

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