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The best drawing game on mobile!

Draw Story is a new and fun turn-based drawing and guessing game. Start the game with an entertaining phrase or just a word. Then pass it onto a friend or another player. They’ll bring your words to life with great drawings or simple stick men - anything goes! Now it’s time to sit back and let the story go wild.

- 3D touch creates thick and thin strokes, it’ll really bring your drawing to life!
- Play with your Facebook Friends and have fun together.
- Create detailed masterpieces with the precision of the Apple Pencil.
- From turn notifications to completed stories, you can see a lot on your Apple Watch.
- Over 60 colors, from emerald green to radical red.

Draw Story

Eight other players will take part in your story, taking turns to draw and guess. When everyone has taken their turn, you’ll be able to see all the twists and turns your story has taken. Often with hilarious results.

Love drawing?! Awesome, us too! When you get a phrase, it’s your chance to release your inner Monet, or maybe you’re more of a ‘stickman’ artist. But if you can’t draw, it doesn’t matter a jot, in fact, that makes for even funnier stories. With an array of colors, 3D touch and Apple pencil support, even this simplest of sketches can become a masterpiece. 

A story really tickled you? Share it with the world on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and almost any other social network!

There’s also a gallery, which features a selection of the most liked stories from around the world. It’s a great place to go to find new players, as well as some ingenious and downright funny stories. 

We're not finished, you can also view your completed stories on your Apple Watch! 

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