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Flick Football

Flick Football Lite

Play Flick Football for free!

Come and play the most addictive soccer game on the iPhone and iPad. A top 10 app in the UK in all free apps, Flick Football Lite is a spell-bindingly addictive game from Neon Play.

Swipe your finger to curve the ball around the wall. It’s simple to play, but a real challenge to master and you’ll be totally addicted to it. 

Game modes

The game currently has two game modes so you can practice and enjoy the game until you're ready to upgrade to the full paid game.


Practice makes perfect and in this mode, you just keep on flicking from different angles. It doesn’t matter if you miss, just keep having fun!


Three simple steps to understand how you play this wonderfully simple, yet addictive freekick soccer iPhone game.

Oli Christie, Managing Director of Neon Play chipped in, “This free version of Flick Football is the perfect way for players to see and play Flick Football. We hope they'll get hooked by the simple and addictive game play and go on to upgrade to the full game with many more game modes and features."

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