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Statto needed!

Games analyst

Games analyst

Do you know your DAU from your ARPDAU and your ARPU from your LTV? Then this could be the role for you.

We're looking for a bright analyst who can dig deep into the terrabytes of data we have from our users and help us improve our monetisation and retention.

Neon Play studio

Why are we looking for this role?

We have a lot of players and apps downloaded (60 million to date), and we have a lot of stats and analytics that we need to look at closely to see what our players are doing, where they’re going, when they’re leaving and what they’re buying.

So we need you to be someone who purrs at the site of stats, someone who’s good with numbers, has an analytical brain and who would like to make a genuine difference to one of the brightest game businesses in the UK (in fact, we won the UK’s best start-up).

Neon Play studio

What will the role involve?

  • Build models to predict the performance of a game, and then validate during soft launch
  • Using the model and A/B testing, improve a game's success
  • Provide the engineering team with the events you want tracked
  • Not how to word it, just a thought on what we need to say
  • Build within Neon Play a world class analytics team
  • Understand both game and business analytics
  • Report to the management team on the performance of our games

You will need to be full of initiative and self-motivation. You will get loads of support from the whole team, but you’ll need the get-up-and-go to do the job yourself.

Neon Play studio

What sort of experience are we looking for?

So if you’ve got a maths, economics or business studies degree, or maybe accountancy just feels too dull for words, or if you just think this job might truly float your boat, then please do send us your CV. It doesn't matter if this is your first proper job, we can spot talent from a fair distance.

What’s it like to work at Neon Play?

Well we hope it’s a great place to work...have a look at our 10 reasons to work at Neon Play list and that will hopefully give you a bit of a feel as to what we’re like and why it’s such a fab place to work.

Neon Play go-karting

Our office is based in the centre of the beautiful market town of Cirencester, slap bang in the middle of the Cotswolds. Walk out of the front door and you’ve got a great choice of shops, restaurants, pubs and pie shops. No McDonalds though, sadly.

What do we want to see?

Please send us your CV to so we know a bit about you. But also we’d like to hear a few words about why you think you’d be perfect for this role and what you’d bring to the party. Then we’ll probably have a phone chat first and after that a face-to-face interview. We'll probably look to take you on a trial first to see if we like you and you like us. And then, hopefully, we can offer you a nice, shiny job with a lovely Mac computer, a clean white desk and a pen pot full of felt tips. 


Really, truly, properly, 100%, please don’t call or we might be rude, no agencies, which really means we don’t want you to call or email if you’re an agency, even if you have the “perfect candidate”, blah, blah, blah.


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