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Getting a rebate

Radio goo-goo

Following up from our CEO Oli Christie's interview on BBC Radio Glos this morning, here are instructions below of what parents need to do if they want to get a rebate on any unintentional purchases.

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About In-App Purchases

When you insert your password your iPhone stores it for 15 minutes. So if you download an app and then allow someone else to use it they will be free to make purchases for the next 15 minutes until it is requested again.

Disabling In-App Purchases

To prevent this happening in the future you can actually disable in-app purchases in the settings on your iPhone. The process is extremely simple. You just go to:

Settings >> General >> Restrictions >> Enter PIN >> Enable Restrictions >> In-App Purchases Off.

in-app purchase restrictions

Obtaining an In-App Purchase refund

- Open iTunes and click the arrow next to your email address in the top right of the window and click Account

- Under Purchase History click 'See All'

- On the Purchase History page click 'Report a Problem'

- Click Report a Problem on the item you wish to dispute.

- A webpage should open in the browser.

- Scroll down to the bottom option on the left-side navigation & click 'Contact Support'

- Click 'Get iTunes Support via Express Lane'

- Complete the product selection, you should select - iTunes > iTunes Store > Purchases, Billing & Redemption. Click continue.

- On this screen select 'iTunes Store account billing'

- Complete the form and click continue.

- Click continue on the following screen - you do not need to log in.

- Send Apple an email explaining the issue.

- Please note: It may take 24 hours for Apple to reply.

Oli Christie, CEO of Neon Play

Rent a quote

Oli Christie, managing director of Neon Play commented, “It is not uncommon for children to unintentionally spend money on games - indeed my daughter once spent £200 on a game. But hopefully these instructions will help parents try to get a rebate.”

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