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Touch Arcade reviews...

Touch Arcade reviews...

Touch Arcade - we salute you!

It’s always an exciting time when you launch an app. Will people like it? Will people give it a good App Store rating? Will anyone buy it? And will any influential review sites feature it?

And we were over the moon/chuffed to bits/cock a hoop, etc when the world’s number one iPhone review site Touch Arcade gave Golf Putt Pro a lovely review at the very top of its home page. We nearly fell off our newly-purchased leather office chairs (they’re really comfy).

Touch Arcade Golf Putt Pro review

Here are some of the nice things they said about Golf Putt Pro, or click here for the full review...

“Thanks to developer Neon Play, who brought us the excellent Flick Football [99¢/Lite], Golf Putt Pro [99¢] brings you that same putting satisfaction without even having to get out of your expensive leather executive chair. It's easy enough that anybody can play, but challenging enough to ensure you'll keep coming back.

“Golf Putt Pro is a nice looking game, with a photo-realistic backdrop of a golf course to look at while you're putting away.

“The gameplay is simple. You're given a ground level, behind the ball view of the green, and the shot angle of the ball pans back and forth slowly. Judge the slope of the green and when you feel the trajectory of the golf ball is at the proper angle, tap the ball to send off your putt and hopefully sink it in the cup. That's all there is to it. While the concept is as basic as they come, Neon Play does a great job adding different modes to flesh out the gameplay.”


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