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Gummibär I Love You

Gummibär I Love You

Love Gummibär?

Then get the official “Gummibär I love you” iPhone game! It’s addictive, fun and FREE to download.

There are three games in the app:

Lucky in love

Tilt your iPhone to make Gummibär run around the screen grabbing as many hearts as possible but be careful to avoid the purple Gummys.

Head over heels

Jump Gummibär as high as you can by bouncing on different trampolines and grabbing hearts for extra points.

Flight of fancy

Fly Gummibär through the sky by collecting the hearts. Beware though, if you miss any he will lose momentum and fall!

Players can unlock “Head Over Heels” and “Flight of Fancy” with a $0.99/£0.59 in-app purchase.

With over 350 million YouTube hits, Gummibär has captured the hearts and minds of people worldwide.

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