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Hot-hot Hotshot Pool

Hotshot Pool is hot

There's nothing more satisfying than being on the tube in London and you see someone playing one of your games. And a friend of ours sent us this pic, using the Happy Snapper app. 

Happy Snapper

And a site called iPhone App Cafe has done an article called "10 iPhone games that will take over your life!". And guess what, our game Hotshot Pool came in at number two in that list, which is hilarious and brilliant at the same time. 

The full list in their opinion is:

1. iCopter

2. Hotshot Pool

3. Cut the Rope

4. Angry Birds

5. Guitar Hero

6. Touch Hockey Extreme

7. Flick Kick Football

8. Stick Golf

9. Doodle Jump

10. iBasket

Hotshot Pool

So it's fair to say that when someone respected (aren't they?) says that your game is more addictive than Cut the Rope, Angry Birds and Doodle Jump, then that's pretty cool. Or is it uncool to admit that? Who cares.

Plus, this totally addictive game Hotshot Pool is now FREE OF CHARGE. So you have no excuse not to get it. 120 levels of puzzle pool arcade action.

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