Contact details

Address: The Old Museum, Cirencester, GLOS, GL7 1UP

"Hello, Neon Play"

We'd love to hear from you, so please do give our CEO, Oli Christie a bell. He's very nice most of the time and won't bite (unless you’re a generic IT recruiter and then he might nip).

Pop in

If you're in Cirencester and you're feeling nosy, do pop into our new studio and say hello (maybe give us a call first). It's dead nice.

Game feedback

If you've got any game feedback you'd like to share, whether you want to tell us how much you love our games or if there are bugs we should squish, then please do tell us.

Let's get social
Other gubbins

If there is anything else you want to get in touch about, then ping us an email at Or apply for a job with your CV at